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With our ‘new site’ up and running we continue on our journey looking at a new kind of Christianity, moving from dogmatic doctrines to faith and from fear to love. The Peter Rollins quote and video, posted below, articulates the ‘love first’ themes that we have been exploring.

“To love is to know God precisely because God is love. A new community, at it’s best, can teach us again that love must be the first word on our lips and also the last, and that we must seek to incarnate that sacred word in the world. I recently heard a well-known speaker say that if faith does not cost us something; it is nothing. Only much later could I respond: if faith does not cost us everything, it is nothing. Orthodoxy as right belief will cost us little; indeed, it will allow us to sit back with our pharisaic doctrines, guarding the ‘truth’ with the purity of our interpretations. But, orthodoxy, as behaving in the right way, as bringing love to the world around us and within us…that will cost us everything.”

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