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“At its best faith in God is about thanksgiving, shared suffering, loss, pain, generosity, and love.”

I have just finished listening to an audio book by Frank Schaeffer. His fundamentalist evangelical background was very similar to mine and I found his journey, thoughts, memoirs and conclusions resonated with me. Recommended read/listen. Graeme Patience With God: Faith for People Who Don’t … Continue reading

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We give thanks for the blessing of winter

We give thanks for the blessing of winter Season to cherish the heart To make warmth and quiet for the heart To make soups and broths for the heart To cook for the heart and read for the heart To … Continue reading

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Be Inspired

Be inspired….watch this TED Talk by Janine Shepherd Janie Shepherd: A Broken Body isn’t a broken person Cross-country skier Janine Shepherd hoped for an Olympic medal — until she was hit by a truck during a training bike ride. She shares … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Jarryd

Today we stop and pray For Jarryd The surgeons gifted hands. Waiting on the sidelines We feel helpless Hopeful Hearts full Of love, concern For good results. How brave you are So young Endured enough pain. We stop and pray.

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A Year of Being Grateful

A Year of being Grateful: Day 149 I have just signed up for a ‘30 Day Drawing Challenge’. The challenge is to draw for at least 20 minutes a day and comes with daily drawing projects. What was I thinking? … Continue reading

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