What Ever Happened to the Good News?


“The church I attended in Chicago, located near a slum housing project, began as an outreach project of a large, traditional church. In time, though, the mother church cut off all funding. They learned that our inner-city tutoring program was teaching kids to read without using the Bible exclusively. Worse, the mission church had installed a pool table in the basement for kids to use! The mother church had missed the whole concept of grace. Grace dispensers give out of their own bounty, in gratitude (a word with the same root as grace) for what we have received from God. We serve others not with some hidden scheme of making converts, rather to contribute to the common good, to help humans flourish as God intended”. Philip Yancey

From “Vanishing Grace: What Ever Happened to the Good News?”
Now available: http://bit.ly/VanishingGraceBook


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