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“At its best faith in God is about thanksgiving, shared suffering, loss, pain, generosity, and love.”

I have just finished listening to an audio book by Frank Schaeffer. His fundamentalist evangelical background was very similar to mine and I found his journey, thoughts, memoirs and conclusions resonated with me. Recommended read/listen. Graeme Patience With God: Faith for People Who Don’t … Continue reading

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Forgiven Time

More about forgiveness: a quote from the book that I have been reading, “The Weakness of God” by John D. Caputo. Very insightful, Graeme. Forgiven Time : Jesus and the sinners “In the kingdom of God, we have been arguing, strange, … Continue reading

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Welcome to LoveFirst

With our ‘new site’ up and running we continue on our journey looking at a new kind of Christianity, moving from dogmatic doctrines to faith and from fear to love. The Peter Rollins quote and video, posted below, articulates the ‘love … Continue reading

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